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Hello sun - you forgot about me already?
I want to be with you again, write me or call, come with me.
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very sad
Why not send me letters? I am very sad one in Russia, write to me necessarily, it is waiting for your Stella. My email n1mnsandrea@rambler.ru
remember me?
We were talking on the forum, remember me? I am Maria from Russia! My email nelaa8on@rambler.ru
remember me?
We were talking on the forum, remember me? I am Maria from Russia! My email monikac5leli@rambler.ru
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Can I ask you? "Was you ever have sex with a Russian girl? Would you like to try it?"
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Good day
Good day, I accidentally found a letter from you, I remember how we communicated with you.
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Hi, I'm from Russia - a dream to live abroad, my name is Mary, can we get started?
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hi there
Hi there,
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I am from the city of Ivanovo, which is also known as the city of brides.

Want to tell you straightaway that I am not in search of sponsors and neither do I want to be one. I want to find someone matching my tastes and views, who can melt my heart on the first date itself with his character, looks and intelligence.

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